Sunday, September 30, 2012

my new studio: the barn

This year has been quite an adventure.  This summer, my husband and I said our goodbyes to Brooklyn and moved to Maine full-time! Last year we started building a barn on our property in Maine that includes a ceramic studio, for me, and a woodworking shop, for him.  It's been quite a process and is in it's final stages....see the lengthly list on my chalkboard (that was back in July!)

It all started with the idea to thin the woods behind the house.  Then with my husband deciding he wanted to build a barn using the wood we thinned.  Soon we were talking about moving to Maine full-time and how I would need a ceramic studio.  Next I knew, my husband was suggesting sharing the barn.....and before I knew it I was designing a ceramic studio!  I am posting some images (below) from the start of the project.  We hired an amazing timber framer, Mike Beaudry, he is in one the photos below wielding the ax. He hand hewed most of the timbers in our barn.  My husband designed a contraption that whittled down pieces of wood into pegs that are now holding our barn frame together.  Last summer we had a barn raising party that included many of our neighbors and friends in Maine.  Last fall we enclosed the barn.  Over the winter, spring and summer we have been finishing the exterior and interior with the help of some talented friends and crews. 

I will post more photos once the barn is done.  This week the last of the insulation goes into the barn.  The heat will be installed...which is a very good thing since it's getting cold here in Maine! Hopefully the faucet will get hooked up so I can use my new sink.  Along with the rest of the interior and exterior lighting.  Oh, and the wood arrives to finish the front decking!  Then my wonderful husband can start on his side of the barn!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

the voracity

photos by:  anna williams

When a very special project comes along you cannot help to take notice and feel very fortunate to have some small part in it.  Elephant Ceramics pieces were recently used in issue 8 of The Voracity, which is a personal project by the photographer Anna WilliamsThis issue, Undone, was created with the help of prop stylist Pam Morris.  Thank you to both Anna and Pam for including Elephant Ceramics!  I love this issue, along with all the others!

design magazine: china

I recently received a copy of the June issue of Design Magazine which is published in Beijing China.  In each issue they focus on a designer from around the world.  In this issue they did a piece on Elephant Ceramics.  If only I could read it!  I do like seeing my name scattered throughout the Chinese text.  The writer, Coral Hi, has her own interesting blog called In That Garden where she writes about design.  Thank you Coral for including me in Design Magazine!