Thursday, April 24, 2014

shop update sunday, april 27th!

Shop update on Sunday, April 27th at 7pm edt!

Here's a bit of a preview for some of the pieces that will be for  sale.  There will be many cheese boards, lots of spoons, smaller and medium size platters and a few bowls.  I have customers around the world and am hoping that the 7pm sale time helps those in Europe (yes, I know it's very late for you....sorry!) and those in Asia, Southeast Asia and Australia (yes, I know it's very early for you....sorry!) get to participate in the sale without it being too crazy an hour! -michele xo  

Thursday, April 3, 2014

my studio

photos by Stacey Cramp

I'm looking forward to springtime in my studio!  My barn will start to lose all the beautiful winter light once the leaves start coming back on the trees that surround it.  That's o.k. because the windows will be open and I'll be able to hear the birds singing again! These beautiful images were shot by the photographer Stacey Cramp.  She did a wonderful post about elephant ceramics on her blog and also included some images on her website.  I am kind of revisiting these images again!  My favorite photo of all is the one she took of my chihuahua Chi Chi hiding behind me!  She is the funniest little dog who I just adore.  For some reason she had a moment of shyness with the camera pointed at her!