Monday, March 7, 2011

the beach seen by tria giovan

In 1998 the photographer Tria Giovan began a 10 year, 10,000 image project photographing the hourly and daily permutations of tide, wind, sand and sky of the beaches of Sagaponack, New York.  As she describes "what began as a documentation of a fragile and pristine landscape became a journey through the totality of the circle of time and seasons that connects us with our essential nature. At times subtle and soft, other times vibrant and surging, these natural forces are capable of invoking peacefulness and calm, or powerful strength and awe.  Mesmerizing and evocative, the abundance of fleeting and radiant moments is a testament to the beauty inherent in these organic elements.  These photographs of this vulnerable landscape invite thoughtful concern about the environmental preservation of special places that engage our capacity for wonder.  They are a meditation, paying homage to a place where change is constant, primordial forces resonate, and the spirit is restored."  Visit Tria's website to see more of her images of the beaches of Sagaponack and her other series on Cuba, the Philippines,  and her family home in the Virgin Islands.


  1. Thank you for this link - Tria's work is amazing.

  2. Hi! You are welcome! Tria's work is gorgeous, especially this particular series.

  3. Gorgeous, sublime work. Glad to discover Tria's work.