Wednesday, April 6, 2011

new items in our online shop!

Time for another sale!  I have a whole bunch of new porcelain pieces that I will be posting on our online shop this Sunday, April 10th, at noon (est.)  Here's a link to our shop.  Keep in mind that the new items won't be displayed until noon on Sunday, so you won't see them before then!  

Our shop is a bit like a pop-up shop, but online.  The shop will be open for four days, closing on Thursday, April 14th, at noon (est.)  I've been in a spring/summer mood so the glaze colors are reflecting this in shades of sea, robin's egg blue, ocean, seaweed, sky and lichen.  I hope you find something you like! xo


  1. Whew that made me nervous! But so pleased to be the owner of 5 new pieces! Man that went fast! Love elephant ceramics, already have a few piece and they're so gorgeous!

  2. Thank you, Matt! I was quite surprised by how fast it all went too! I hope you enjoy your pieces!