Wednesday, May 18, 2011

hungry ghost food + travel

all photos copyright Andrea Gentl

These gorgeous images are by the very talented photographer Andrea Gentl.  If you love food, especially the soulful kind that is fresh picked and local to where you are on the planet, and if you love traveling to places where cultures are old and still intact, then you will not want to miss visiting Andrea's inspiring new blog called Hungry Ghost.  Often she includes recipes in her posts.  These images are part of her Honey Hoarder post which includes a recipe for fresh ricotta.  Andrea writes "honey is a vehicle or the starting point for inspiration when it comes to cooking.  I am usually first inspired by the flavor of honey, then comes the food.  You can't go wrong with a combination of fresh ricotta and honey."  I couldn't agree more and cannot wait to try this recipe and combine it with some of our local honey in Maine.

Thank you, Andrea, for letting me repost these beautiful images!  And thank you for featuring elephant ceramics!

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