Saturday, November 19, 2011

chinese magazine LOHAS

I just received a copy of the current issue of LOHAS magazine in the mail.  Several months ago the editor, Sofia, emailed me and asked if I would like to do an interview for their November issue.  I knew little about the magazine except for the beautiful articles she sent me as examples of her stories.  LOHAS is a gorgeous magazine with an amazing variety of stories.  They cover fashion, food, lifestyle, travel, craft, art and the best part.....they have stories about people and their animals!  I've included some of them below.  One seems to be about a woman who raises foxes...wait until you see the photos below!  If only I read Chinese I would have to subscribe to LOHAS!  Thank you Sophia and LOHAS for featuring Elephant Ceramics in your magazine. Thank you Philip Ficks, Jennifer Causey (the Makers Project) and Heather Chontos for allowing the use of your images!  Now if you love animals, as I do, then continue scrolling...