Sunday, February 10, 2013

darling magazine

 photo by Anna Williams

photos by Philip Ficks

Darling is a beautiful new print magazine with lots of inspirational stories to share. Thank you Natalie Lynn Borton for writing a such a lovely article about Elephant Ceramics.  I always feel honored to be featured in magazines, online publications and blogs.  I have to say Darling won me over when I saw this story posted on their blog about a chihuahua named Tuna.  If you love dogs you will love this story! Thank you, Darling, for sharing stories like that....along with all the features about interesting women!


  1. I tried to find this magazine when I was in Boston, but had no luck! It looks beautiful.

    1. It is a gorgeous magazine. That's too bad that you couldn't find it on the newstand. I'll show it to you on our next gathering!