Monday, March 3, 2014

photographer kristina mckune

I was immediately drawn to Kristina McKune's landscapes.  These photos were shot during  her travels and a road trip in the US. Last year Kristina relocated from the east coast to Colorado. That was after she spent the previous seven months exploring the United States by car in her quest to find a new place to call home.  I asked Kristina to tell me a little bit about these four images that I chose to post on my blog.  Here is her answer:

I love that you selected two images I took with my Holga. In case you’re unfamiliar, a Holga is a wonderful instrument for photographers who love shooting unconventional images. It’s a plastic “toy” camera with no settings or controls and takes 120mm film. Because of it’s flimsy construction, light leaks are a natural (and beautiful, in my opinion!) result of shooting with the Holga. The black and white double exposure was shot in Monument Valley, Utah and the bright section in the top left is a light leak. The color image of the geyser was shot in Yellowstone National Park, also with my Holga. The bright spots of color at the top and bottom of the photograph are also light leaks. The second black & white photo, with the buttes in the background, was taken in Colorado after we moved to Denver. It’s an area called Pawnee National Grassland, and is a perfect place to drive for hours to find that perfect picture. And the last color shot you selected was taken at The Blue Lagoon in Iceland, which is one of the most magical & otherworldly countries I have been lucky enough to visit. I am not just taking a photograph of a beautiful place, but am attempting to build a story for the viewer of the atmosphere and environment, and how one could see herself or himself inside the picture. 

Check out Kristina's website for more of her beautiful images and to find out how to follow her work.  She also sells her photos thru her etsy shop!  

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