Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Next SHOP UPDATE on June 10th

shop update on Sunday, June 10th at 10am EDT

I am super excited to offer some of the work from my spring wood firing at Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts.  Wood firing is truly a communal effort.  I fired with a group of seven other women over an intense 48 hours + period.  I had two shifts which include an overnight from 1am until 9am.   I'm not particularly a night person, however I loved watching the sun come up and hearing the birds singing.  The effects of the firing on each piece can be dazzling and disappointing.  I had some of both.  The process makes these works a bit more special.  I will also be offering work fired in my electric kiln, along with a beautiful selection of Patrick Moore's handmade wooden charcuterie boards.  

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